Kylie from California

I’m a teacher and caretaker for children at a kindergarten. My routine is pretty hectic as dealing with young children are quite difficult, especially if they are in a large number all at once. I have a few years of experience though, and generally, I’m able to handle most problems without any help. The thing with children is that they’re not very aware of the sensitivity of an issue and don’t realize how important and vital a precaution for their health and safety.






Recently, as the pandemic has thankfully gotten under control and there hasn’t been any recent surge in corona virus cases, our school, along with many others, has decided to reopen with a controlled schedule and alternating day routine. The school has instructed all the staff to take the necessary steps to make sure that both the students and the staff stay safe. We did not face any major issues, which was a relief. The one problem mainly faced was to take care that the students kept their face masks on. 






A few of my colleagues and I came up with a plan. We researched and found very interesting cartoon face masks on; we contacted the parents as well. With their collaboration, we bought reusable face masks for kids with a lot of their favorite animated characters printed on them. The kids adore them and even compare their face masks with each other. These face masks are not only pretty but very safe as well, with 5 layered protection and a filter, they keep the kids safe.