Lisa from Los Angeles

I have two daughters, five and eight years old. They both love Princess. They spend a lot of their time playing dress-ups. They having tea parties among themselves (I and my husband are sometimes invited as well). They also watch a lot of cartoons over and over. They are a little obsessed but well, which kid isn’t. The animated film they like the best is definitely Frozen. They both love to play pretend and act like Elsa and Anna. It’s adorable really.

Recently their schools have reopened with a shorter schedule and alternating days due to the decrease in the corona virus cases and the lifting of the lockdown. They’ve both been really happy to meet their friends again even if they don’t have to go every day. 

As a parent, I have to make sure that my kids stay safe during this pandemic. That includes confirming that they have all the extra essentials needed during this pandemic, like hand sanitizer, face masks, and such. I’ve been teaching them to wash their hands as often as possible, especially after close contact with others.

Face Masks; however, is a completely different matter altogether. They aren’t very excited about wearing them and dislike the bland colors. I came across the cloth face masks when I was scrolling through Instagram one day and right then I realized that they were the answer to my problem. I sat down with my kids and showed them the various masks on . They liked them a lot. The frozen face masks with Olaf, Anna, and Elsa drew on them, were the favorites of the little girls.

I ordered them then and my girls have been wearing them regularly since then. They even told me that their friends have been asking about them too and want to know where they bought them from. I was only happy to direct them. But these face masks are a definite saver, as they not only come equipped with a filter but also five layers of protection. I’d recommend them to any parents.