Michael from NYC

A few weeks ago, my sister who lives in another city with her family called me. She wanted to ask if my nephew could stay with me for a few days. She and her husband had to take care of some business. I agreed, of course. A few days later my sister dropped him off.


The thing is that I, being a 24-year-old guy, who lives alone, have no idea how to take care of a 10-year-old. I had imagined all I would have to do was make sure that he doesn’t cause too much trouble. But apparently; kids are much more complex than that. Ha, who knew? 


Anyway, it was a learning experience and we got closer because of that. One of the main issues I had, that because of the pandemic, I couldn’t take him out of the house all that much. And when we finally got a chance to go out to a nearby park to play football, I realized that I had not prepared a face mask for him.


I was utterly embarrassed as I, as the adult, had forgotten something so important. I gave him one of the unused facemasks I had recently bought for myself, with a few adjustments so that it fits him. Later, both I and my nephew sat down and looked for Disney face masks for kids, as both of us are quite loyal T-Rex fans, just another thing common between the two of us. The dinosaur face mask for kids was one of his favorites, along with toy story face masks. We ordered a few from www.twinklebysecretlight.com and they arrived the next day thanks to express delivery.


My nephew LOVED them and tried on all of them. When my sister came to pick him up to take him back home, she was quite impressed as well and said she’d be investing in them in the future.